Latest News

Patch 1.3
New GM joins the team
Halloween Event update

Server Features

Server Rates

EXP: 1x [Customized EXP Table]
Cards: 0.3% [Includes Mini-Boss and MVP]
Equipment: 0.1% - 100% [Depends on the item]
Other: 1x [Close to official servers]

Progression Based

We start our journey in Episode 1, very reminiscent of
pre-Rebirth era days on official servers, but with newly refreshed mechanics, using Renewal as a base.
As time progresses, new content will be added for everyone to enjoy!

War Mode

Enjoy GvG? - We do as well!
Don’t want to wait until WoE to get some action? - We got you covered!
With our unique War Mode feature guilds can decide to take part in open World GVG!
Defeat your foes and increase your Guild rank to cash in on those amazing rewards!
Exclusive boons are rewarded to those who actively take part in War Mode.

Fever Fields

Tackle completely randomized challenges
with our unique Fever Field map system!
With greater risk come greater rewards...

Rarity System

Add a completely new layer of depth to your character
customization with our Rarity system!
Each equipment item you find can have up to five
different rarities with a huge assortment of random
bonus stats.

Talent System

Specialize your character in ways never seen before with our exclusive Talent System!
We offer unique modifications to almost every skill in the game.
Players can allocate Talent Points to modify their learned skills to further improve their build in special ways that are not possible with conventional methods!

Master Account System

Our Master Account system makes managing
your gameplay experience a breeze!
Each player is allowed one Master account
and as many Game accounts as they want.
Various features are shared across all your game
accounts, including Storage, Quest unlocks and
Donation Points!

Character Customization

Customize your character in various ways to truly create
a unique personality and force unlike any other.
Tons of headgears, tons of costumes, special effects, new
types of items, a massive amount of color palettes and even customized Skill effects and Aura effects we offer to make your character as amazing as it can be!

Gepard V3 + Custom Client

Our client is carefully handcrafted and modified to provide the absolutely best possible
gameplay experience for our players.
We offer unique and exclusive features that no other server on this planet can offer.
The package is rounded up by the latest Gepard protection to ensure a fair playing environment for all players!