General Information

Enhanced RO is a progression based renewal server that combines modern MMO aspects with the old-school Ragnarok experience we have all fallen in love with over the years. We live by our moral code [FFF]. "We strive to provide a fun, friendly and fair playing environment for both new and veteran players!" Both our server and client software are heavily customized to provide various excitig activities for all our players, ensuring longevity and a butter smooth playing experience. We take in pride in offering various exclusive features that no other server can offer you, of which some we will list below!

Server Information
Mechanics = Renewal [Customized]
Server Language = English
Server Time = GMT+1
Episode = Episode 1 [Pre-Rebirth]
Classes = Up to 2nd Job
Max Level = 99 / 50
Max Stats = 99
Max ASPD = 190/191 [Items]
Share Range = 10 Levels
Even Share Range = 35x35
View Range = 15 cells
EXP Penalty = Enabled [Disabled for Bosses]
Drop Penalty = Disabled
Party EXP Bonus = +30% per Player
Dual Clienting = 3 Clients max

Base & Job EXP = 1x
Quest EXP = 1x
Consumable Item = 1x
ETC Item = 1x
Card Item = 30x
Equipment Item = Varies

Exclusive Features

Our custom features are entirely exclusive to EnhancedRO and offer endless possibilities to build your character as well as endless replayability, offering our players a never seen before End-Game experience.

Table :

Revamped Starting Grounds

Fever Fields

Master Account System

Rarity System

War Mode

Talent System

Achievements and Titles

Reputation System

Custom Commands

@commands: Displays a list of available player commands.

@rates: Displays the current rates as well as any rate bonuses you have currently active.

@battlestats: Gives detailed information about your current battle statistics.

@Fever: Displays the current Fever Field Modifiers, if on a Fever Field Map.

@Talent: Displays your current Talent Points and activated Skill Talents.

@channel: Displays all channel commands.

@channel join <#channel name>: Joins the channel you specified.

@channel leave <#channel name>: Leaves the channel you specified.

@hominfo: Displays detailed information of your Homunculus, including stats and Intimacy points.

@homstats: Displays your current Homunculus stats as well as the possible values at max level.

@jailtime: Shows your remaining jail duration.

@me : Make your character speak in a role-play fashion. (Removes the ":" between Name and text)

@petinfo: Check your pet hunger and intimacy.

@time: Displays the current server time.

@noks: Protects you from being Kill-stolen and records the potential KillStealer name.

@noask: Automatically rejects any trade requests you receive.

@showexp: Displays EXP gained (in numbers and percentage).

@warmode: Displays your current War Mode points.

@at / @autotrade: Use this command after using the Merchant class skill "Vending" to leave your vendor online. You can log into another character of the same account to continue playing!

@autoloot 1-100: Enables you to automatically Healing and ETC items dropped from monsters that you killed. Entering no value will activate autoloot at 100%. Note: Equipment and Card items cannot be auto-looted!

@mobinfo/@mi : Displays detailed information such as HP, EXP, and stats of the monster you specified.

@whodrops/@wd : Displays the name of monsters that drops the item you specified and the drop rates of said item.

@whereis/@wi : Displays the map name and amount of spawn of the monster you specified (it is recommended to follow this up with the Ctrl + ` command, or use Alt + V then click the Map button)

PvE / PvP / GvG

We offer various activities for all types of players out there.

Outside of the regular monster slaying you can take part in Fever Fields which can have PvP or GvG modes activated which increases risk, but also massively their rewards.

Players who like open world PvP should band together and create War Mode Guilds. War Mode players can attack each other outside of Towns as long as they are above Base Level 45. There are risks and rewards exclusive to our War Mode system.

In the future we will support a revamped War Of Emperium system as well as a ranked Battleground matchmaking and a soon to be reveiled exclusive Battleground type never seen before in RO.

Fashion RO

You can turn every Headgear you find into a costume which lets you dress up the way you want without sacrifizing any combat stats! You are able to customize your Max Level aura to your needs as well as customize the look of your skills to a certain extend. We offer hundreds of palettes to choose from and special effects tied to certain Achievements and Titles!

In other words, there are endless opportunities to make your character truly stand out from the rest of the crowd!

Refinement Overhaul

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Rarity System

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Fever Fields

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War Mode

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Talent System

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