§ 1 Introduction

Subparagraph 1.1 Preamble

These terms of service are an agreement between EnhancedRO, referred to henceforth as ERO, and any users of the services provided by or anyhow related to ERO, including, but not limited to, Game Servers and Websites shall they be managed by the ERO Administrators or any related or unrelated third parties. In the following referred to as “content”.

By creating a master account, game account, character, or by progressing to any further usage of the content by EnhancedRO, whether knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly you will be agreeing to abide by all rules and conditions of the agreement below. The following hold, regardless of legal status to any and all persons, groups, organizations, companies, bots, crawlers or others that read or absorb, directly or indirectly, any information contained on or obtained through the content.

The present terms of service may be revised at any time at the discretion of the EnhancedRO staff and the current version will always be available at https://enhancedro.com/tos or otherwise accessible from the website. Modifications to the Terms will be effective immediately and will not be retroactive. By continuing to access or use the content after those revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms.

Subparagraph 1.2 Materials

You acknowledge that the opinions shown on, distributed through, downloaded, linked through, or accessed from the content are not necessarily those of ERO or endorsed by ERO. You hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon any content shall be at your sole risk. ERO reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without any obligation, to make changes to any portion of the content.

You represent, warrant and covenant that no materials of any kind submitted through your account will violate, plagiarize, or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights; or contain libelous or otherwise unlawful material. You hereby indemnify, defend and hold harmless ERO from and against any and all liability and costs in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you or any user of your account of this Agreement.

Subparagraph 1.3 Rulings

ERO reserves the right to override, modify, nullify, or restructure any decision made previously, regardless of time passed there are objective reasons for doing so. The staff shall use the Terms of Service as the one and only foundation for their decisions. It is not necessary that previous rulings will be considered. Players are advised to ask before taking past history for granted. Individual staff members may act at their own discretion in cases of damage control, that is, if immediate action is required to stop an ongoing violation. Afterwards said decision shall be shared with the staff in its entirety, for further evaluation. Damage control actions are subject to modifications and nullifications, and do not exclude the possibility of extended punishment to be applied to infringers, should the staff in its entirety deem it necessary.

Ragnarok Online as a game has a huge assortment of monsters, items, skills and maps. ERO reserves the right to make modifications to each and every one of those components, listed or not.

Subparagraph 1.4 Winnings

Any and all winnings promised or implied, whether fictional or real will be handed out at the staffs discretion. The users have no claims to the winnings what-so-ever. Failure to follow the rules, improper actions or failure to reply within an acceptable time period may result in disqualification. One user may only receive one winning per competition, unless the staff explicitly changes this rule for a competition.

Winners grant ERO and all subsidiaries explicit permission to use their name, likeness, and whatever creation was submitted as part of the contest in any and all promotional campaigns and events without compensation in any form.

Subparagraph 1.5 Liability and Disclaimer

By engaging in any and all use of the content the user and all related users of said account voluntarily relinquish any and all rights and entities, fictional or real, created by, induced by, brought into, referenced, promised, implied, or used in any and all efforts, relating or not, to ERO and its Administrators thereof.

Furthermore, ERO is especially not to be liable for any of the following losses or damage (regardless of whether such damage or losses were foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise): (a) loss of data; (b) loss of revenue or anticipated profits; (c) loss of business; (d) loss of opportunity; (e) loss of goodwill or injury to reputation; (f) losses suffered by third parties; or (g) any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of ERO regardless of the form of action or content. ERO claims the right to use any user's likeness, whether fictional, portrayed, or real, in any and all advertisements justifications and promotional campaigns.

The content is provided by ERO on an “as is” basis, without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of title or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall ERO be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind what-so-ever in respect to the content and the products. You hereby acknowledge that use of the content is at your sole risk.

ERO is not liable for any content provided by third parties, being it on the ERO Website or on third party Websites reached through links.

§ 2 Laws, Rules and their interpretation

Subparagraph 2.1 Framework

ERO runs on a Hercules-derived framework and on software licensed under the GNU General Public License, which do not violate Aegis copyright laws. The ERO client is not a copy of any previously released client. As with any client used to connect to similar services, there are unavoidable similarities in the methods of operation and ideas. Because individual labels of text and names does not validate copyright, ERO is fully entitled to the use and distribution in and out of the European Union for any and all of its client-side software. Art forms expressed that may occur in the ERO client has the unique use of conveying a more pleasurable gameplay experience for ERO only; therefore, falls under a directly different purpose than similar art pieces that may occur elsewhere, and it has to be intended as an illustrated concept. ERO does not distribute property of Gravity Co. Ltd., Gravity Interactive Inc., Gravity Europe SAS. or any other entities.

Subparagraph 2.2 Privacy Policy

The security and privacy of your personal data is extremely important to ERO. For more detailed information about our privacy policy, visit enhancedro.com/privacy.

In connection with the user’s access, for security reasons data that potentially permit an identification (for example IP address, date, time, visited pages, logins or other logs) are being saved on our servers. No individual-related utilization of these data will take place, unless exceptional cases with the purpose of the content safeguard. The right for a statistical analysis of anonymous data records is reserved.

When registering at ERO, you shall provide a valid and legitimate e-mail address, which will be used only for account management and shall not forwarded to third parties, without your explicit approval. If data is being submitted to service providers in the context of commissioned data processing, the data is bound to the applicable laws in matter of privacy. By registering an account, you grant ERO the right to use your e-mail address for (low traffic) internal communications, unless explicitly asked otherwise. Any of the messages sent will come with details on how to remove your e-mail address from the distribution lists.

In some areas of the content cookies are used for the purpose to realize user functions. The use of the content without cookies is limited. Most browsers are preset to automatically accepting cookies. However, you can deactivate the saving of cookies or set your browser to notify you as soon as cookies are sent. Please refer to your software manual for instructions on this.

Subparagraph 2.3 Exploitations

It is forbidden to attempt to find or exploit any loopholes which may exist for the purpose of legal prosecution, or malicious acting. In the event that a loophole is found in our guidelines, ERO reserves the right to apply punishment in any occurrence of improper conduct, seek restitution for all resulting damages, and holds no liability for any damages caused through or by our actions. In addition, ERO holds the right to claim compensation for all damages incurred.

Subparagraph 2.4 Our Understanding of the Terms of Service

Should the wording on a rule be found to ambiguous, or otherwise open to a different interpretation from that which was originally intended, the interpretation that is in accordance to the following guiding principles shall be the valid one. Any other interpretation may be ruled as an attempted loophole exploitation, and judged at the staffs discretion.

When interpreting a specific rule in the terms of service, not only the wording as such but also the meaning and purpose of the rule should be used for interpretation. The staff will always abide by the principle and may sanction behavior, even if the wording as such may have allowed it, as long as it would have been evident to an objective third party that the sanctioned behavior was prohibited according to the meaning and purpose of the rule. In these terms of service, the objective third party should be understood as a concept and not as an actual natural person or entity. Any form of malicious acting, with any goals, ranging from, but not limited to, gaining unwarranted benefits, disrupting the gaming experience of other players, causing annoyance to the Administrators or Game Masters, causing harm to the server or its population, is not tolerated. Ragnarok Online, as a game, is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Each player will encounter a number of other persons, with different ages, moral standards, cultures and abilities. In order to ensure an enjoyable environment for the community, each player is required to keep a respectful, friendly, polite behavior.

Subparagraph 2.5 Offenses

Punishments in general are designed to educate the violator and the community as a whole. Thus, they can be lenient for first time infringements, but harsher for repeated offenses. When the same offense is reiterated repeatedly, the punishments are increased, if necessary by doubling the previous one each time, but may be varied, at the staff’s discretion, depending on the circumstances of the case.

The same infringement, even if reported by multiple people, does not qualify as a repeated occurrence, except in the cases where it is carried out against different people or there is a noticeable interruption during the process, which would lead an objective third party to view this infringement as a new violation.

In the case of multiple infringements, a punishment equal to the sum of each separate punishments may be applied. However, it is at the discretion of the staff to form an overall penalty from the individual infringements, if it is deemed appropriate.

§ 3 Concerning Accounts

Subparagraph 3.1 Reservation

All players realize that spending time on ERO is purely voluntary, and are free to leave or change their level of participation at any time. ERO reserves the right to cancel or change any portion of its contents at any time without prior warning and with no compensation to other parties.

Players assume all responsibility for any and all possible damages that may occur on their own behalf. This includes all damages caused by both internal and external causes, and includes but is not limited to emotional, health, time off work, and any potential inability to carry out future endeavors.

Subparagraph 3.2 Ownership

Though connected to your chosen name and e-mail address, upon registration, ERO is granted full ownership of your account and all the characters stored on ERO servers, the items stored on these servers, or any other data which the servers and accounts are comprised of. This, however, does not change the fact that a user is entirely responsible for the safety of their own account information. If the user has supplied others with their login and password information, said user is responsible for any and all actions made on the account in question, regardless of whether or not the respective user has provided consent.

Subparagraph 3.2 Ownership

Though connected to your chosen name and e-mail address, upon registration, ERO is granted full ownership of your account and all the characters stored on ERO servers, the items stored on these servers, or any other data which the servers and accounts are comprised of. This, however, does not change the fact that a user is entirely responsible for the safety of their own account information. If the user has supplied others with their login and password information, said user is responsible for any and all actions made on the account in question, regardless of whether or not the respective user has provided consent.

The e-mail address specified during the account creation is the master key to the account for its entire lifetime. Any person that can send and receive emails using such e-mail address, is granted full control over the Master Account. Requests to change the e-mail address associated to an account shall be handled by the staff, at their own discretion, after validating the inquirer’s identity.

In case of rules or laws violations, any accounts may be irrevocably terminated, deleted or revoked at the Administrators' discretion.

Subparagraph 3.3 Real Money Trading

Real Money Trading is strictly prohibited on ERO. This includes all transactions concerning the selling or buying of accounts, in-game items, in-game currency or ingame services for outside of ERO currency, items, accounts, services, goods or content.

Any account involved in this infractions will be terminated permanently at the staffs discretion, along with any related accounts. Any items or zeny found to be traded in the above way will be confiscated and the trade made void without compensation.

§ 4 Rules

Subparagraph 4.1 Player Identity

The human who created the account (“Player”) is ultimately responsible for any violations committed by it and is responsible for its security. Should a password be given to a third party and this third party commits a violation, the Player is still responsible even if they did not know about this violation at all.

Impersonating another player, Game Master (GM) or other ERO staff is strictly forbidden. Any form of “Game Master”, (GM), [GM] or similar in a name is strictly forbidden.

Subparagraph 4.2 Behavior

ERO strives to offer a friendly, fair, fun and world-open environment for everybody and everyone.

Nobody may be discriminated because of their gender, their descent, their race, their language, their sexuality their homeland and origin, their beliefs, their religious or political views or their disability. Any such discrimination, being it ingame or on any other ERO related platform will be punished by the ERO staff at their discretion.

It is prohibited to beg players or GMs for any ingame currency, items or services. Harassing others by following them around, repeatedly sending private messages or similar actions is also prohibited. Spreading rumors or defamation about other players, player groups or GMs is also forbidden. Any adult content is strictly forbidden. The advertising of other servers is prohibited. Any such violation, being it ingame or on any other platform will be dealt with by the staff at their discretion.

Subparagraph 4.3 Master Accounts

Each player may only have one Master Account, which corresponds to a Website Account. Sharing a Master Account is prohibited. Each Master Account allows creation of unlimited Game Accounts.

Master Accounts are individual and must not be shared, under any conditions. Multiple players in one household have to create one master account each and must be whitelisted by the staff.

Subparagraph 4.4 Game Accounts

Each player may create as many game accounts as they want on their master account. However, only up to three of the created game accounts may be played simultaneously.

Sharing a Game Account is not prohibited but highly discouraged. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or disappeared items, zeny or deleted characters. ERO will not provide any support for such cases. If you share your login data with others you do so at your own risk.

Subparagraph 4.4.1 Names

Nobody may use a Name that is discriminating against a specific gender, descent, sexuality, race, language, homeland and origin, belief, religious or political view or disability. Any user using such a name will be required to undergo a name change and will be penalized at the Staff's discretion. Swear words as names are also prohibited.

Subparagraph 4.4.2 Client Restriction

Only up to three clients per player may be open at any time. Attempting to circumvent this restriction by using multiple devices will be punished by the ERO Staff at their discretion.

Autotraders do not count. Autotraders are merchants set up for vending, at which point in time the client will be closed with the in-game command @autotrade.

Subparagraph 4.5 Interacting

Scrolling or any other form of spamming is not allowed. Scrolling is defined as repeatedly causing the screen or the chat window to roll faster than users are able to type into it or preventing them to use the chat efficiently.

Please do not spam skills or spells in populated areas in towns and cities. Brewing or Forging may fall under this rule, unless it's for a very limited time period. Please step away from the streets and/or the crowd if you need to do so.

Setting up chat rooms or shops near NPCs or warp portals is prohibited.

Subparagraph 4.6 Kill Stealing

Kill Stealing (KS or KSing) is killing, attacking, provoking or otherwise interfering with a monster which is actively attacking, following or being attacked by another player.

In-game the command @noks is available for players. However, this does not mean that every monster you can attack is not protected by anti Kill Stealing rules, our Kill Stealing rules do still apply.

MVPs, Mini Bosses and Champion monsters are considered free-for-all. This means, kill stealing those type of monsters is not possible. You are always free join in the fight. However, using skills such as Pneuma, Safety Wall, Ice Wall, and other utility or defensively oriented skills in an intentionally disadvantageous way, such as to prevent others from attacking, buffing, healing or affecting a monster, is considered griefing.

Any GVG or PVP enabled map, be it through Fever Field modifications or preset map rules, are exempt to Anti-KS rules. In other words every monster on those maps are Free-For-All.

Subparagraph 4.7 Griefing

Griefing is considered disturbing another players gameplay. For example, de-buffing others outside of WoE, buffing monsters, placing skills, shops or chats with disruptive intentions or following at a close range for extended time periods. Using reversed buffs with no side effects such as Blessing on Undead monsters is not considered griefing.

Purposely teleporting, or losing the target of one or more monsters in a way such that the mob attacks an unsuspecting player or party is considered griefing. As is using Dead Branch or Bloody Branch near other unsuspecting players.

These rules about griefing are not in effect on any PVP or GVG enabled map.

Subparagraph 4.8 Trading

Scamming is prohibited. Actions with the purpose to mislead in the case of a transaction are not allowed. A shop name that misleads the buyer, such as one that announces a slotted item, but sells a non-slotted one, also falls under scamming.

Placing a vendor on a map just to prevent the map from resetting is prohibited. The staff will monitor such cases on a daily basis.

All players have the rights to back out of any trade agreement (including contracts) before the transaction or parts of it has been completed by either side. Contracts can be defined as services of any kind (brewing, forging, hunting, refining, leeching, etc.).

Subparagraph 4.9 WoE and Guild Rules

Spamming friend or trade requests during WoE is strictly prohibited and will be controlled and acted upon at every WoE session by the the ERO staff.

§ 5 Bugs Abuse, Client Modification and Third-Party Software

Subparagraph 5.1 Modifications, Third-Party Software, Services or Exploits

Any altering of the client or game folder is prohibited. For example, GRF editing, GRF reversing, GRF decrypting, flatmaps, gutterline maps, grayworld or other customizations that affect the visuals of the game, be it sprites, maps, textures or models.

The use of third-party programs, except for recording tools, is strictly prohibited. For example programs such as OpenKore, Pixelbot or any other botting or packet editing, or sniffing software. Keyboard / Mouse macros with the intent of automatization are strictly forbidden.

Anyone attempting to do any Hacking or illegal modifying activity against the ERO servers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In addition, all related accounts and IPs will get permanently banned from the game and any further account creation or communication with the ERO community will be forbidden.

Subparagraph 5.2 Bug abuse

Any player who finds an exploitable bug is required to report this to the staff. Any abuse or exploitation is prohibited and will be dealt with by the staff. In any case of doubt please contact the ERO staff immediately.

§ 6 Community and Support

Subparagraph 6.1 Community

Our prime way of communication is our discord server. Any subject is to be posted in the corresponding channel, in case no channel fits the users purpose or the user just wants to chat with others the #main Discord channel is to be used.

Subparagraph 6.2 Support

Technical support is provided through the Technical Support forum section as well as through the #support Discord channel.

In sensitive cases the user may send an E-Mail to sin.enhancedro@gmail.com.

Support requests must include a complete and detailed description of the issue that needs technical support, as well as any other related information and if possible screenshots or recordings.§ 1 Introduction